Ep007 May I See Your ID?

All of us carry around some form of ID. If you were asked to show your Identity in Christ, what would be on it?

Do you think about your new identity in Jesus Christ very often? I hope that you do. If you are a Christian, the Bible teaches in many ways and places that you have a new identity. 

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Ep006 7 Principles for Joking with Your Kids

All of us can probably remember a time growing up when a grown up tried to joke with us but the joke fell flat, or everyone laughed at us, or we felt lied to. What principles can we apply when joking with our kids?

Recently I was at a table of guys. All but two of us were fathers. The question came up about what is appropriate when joking with your children? What’s healthy joking with your kids, and what’s not? Surprisingly, one of them looked at me and said, “That would be a good topic for you to write about on your blog!”

Since I am trying to include more resources here to help parents, even if I’m not one, it wasn’t a half bad idea. So, I took up the challenge.

As I thought about what healthy joking with kids should look like I came up with seven principles I would follow if I had kids of my own.

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Ep005 When God Brings You to Your “Well, What Now?” Place

40 years old and sitting by a well, no doubt feeling lost in the middle of nowhere, he had no clue what to do next. Sound familiar?

Are you feeling lost and at a “Well what now?” point in your life? We all have been at one time or another. In this episode of Grace and Peace Radio we’ll look to the extraordinary circumstances of someone who found himself at a “Well, what now?” point in his life, and was even sitting at an actual well!

He was raised in incredible wealth and privilege, and grew up to work in the highest offices of his country. A well meaning but ill-timed action on his part meant that he had to flee for his life. At 40 years old and sitting by a well in the middle of nowhere. He had no clue what to do with his life, or what would come next. Sound familiar?

I’ve talked to a few guys recently, and the common theme that’s come up is this sort of feeling lost, either kind of stuck in a career or not really sure what to do next.

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Ep004 What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

What does following Jesus require? Is following Jesus really worth it?

There I sat. Pen in hand. Contract before me. All I had to do was sign my name my whole life would radically change forever. If I signed, minutes later I would be ushered into a room with others who also signed up, and I would be sworn in to the United States Air Force.

What does my story have to do with being a Christian? We hear a lot about following Jesus. But what exactly does that mean? And what does it cost us? What of ourselves do we get to keep versus what is offered to him? much we really give up everything. If so, why? We’ll talk about it next, on Grace and Peace Radio.

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Ep003 6 Ways to Biblically Counsel Yourself Outside of Scripture

6 Ways Christians can biblically counsel themselves outside the Bible

Just because we are Christians, we are not insulated from life’s problems—if anything we may have more of them! That’s why it’s important we know how to counsel ourselves biblically to persevere and to work through them. Last time we talked about how to specifically use Scripture. Today we’ll look at ways that Bible-based, but not the Bible itself.

We can think of today’s episode as the flip side to last week’s episode, 6 Ways to Biblically Counsel Yourself.

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