Ep010 Reasons We Don’t Pray, Part 2

Reasons We Don’t Pray, Part 2

Hey thanks so much for joining me. I am your host Anthony. And today we are going to look at part two of reasons we don’t pray, reasons we don’t pray. You know, last time we talked about it. A couple of things I kicked it off with was the idea that when we talk about praying or when I talk about praying, I don’t mean simply asking God for help or for this or that and we seem to have no problem doing that. I mean, really getting alone with the Lord really communing with the Lord interceding for others, and really making a point of, how about just meeting the Lord to be with the Lord. That’s kind of a thing.

So why is that so hard for us? I mean, we are the only people on earth. You know, believers in Jesus Christ BORN AGAIN believers in Jesus Christ are the only people on earth who know the one true God. And the one thing or one of the things, one of the key things that we are supposed to be doing is praying. And yet so often it is such a struggle for us.

And yes, we live in a fallen world, we are still being sanctified, we still have our old our flesh with us. So those are you know, there’s always the world, the flesh, the devil, right? These three things that are always vying for our attention to distract us and pull us away from the Lord. But also there are just other things that keep us from praying.

So last time we looked at four of them: Laziness, Distractions, Busyness, and Guilt and Shame from Sin. And you can go back and listen to Part One to catch up on those.

Today I want to talk about some other reasons why it is that we seem to have trouble praying.

Reasons We Don’t Pray: We Don’t Really Know God

We are otherwise far from God. Right? This idea that maybe we’re not born again, maybe you’re listening to this and you really don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord as your Savior. You’ve never repented and believe the gospel. So you really have no knowledge of the God of the Bible. You have a knowledge of what you heard in church maybe or what you saw in movies, or really just whatever you think God is like, but you really don’t know the true God of the Bible, you really don’t know Jesus Christ. So that would be one reason why someone wouldn’t pray. You know, just someone not a Christian.

Reasons We Don’t Pray: It’s Not a Daily Priority

But as far as Christians go, another reason is, it’s not a regular daily priority. It’s just something where, you know, we don’t schedule it. We don’t make the time we don’t get up early or, you know, we have to rush out the door, or whatever the case may be.

And I’m not saying that we only have to pray in the morning. But I have to say, personally, it really matters to help to my days, if I start them with prayer with Bible reading, as opposed to trying to do it later in the day, because you know, everything goes all haywire by the end or by the end of the day, I’m too tired. So it’s not a regular daily priority.

Reasons We Don’t Pray: No Private Place

Another reason is we don’t have a regular daily place to be alone. I love the way the Lord Jesus says, “When you pray to your Father, go in your room and shut the door.” And I really do believe that there is something to having your own space where you and the Lord can be alone.

You know, my wife and I, unless we’re traveling, we don’t really do our Bible reading together. We’re often separate rooms in the house. I’m in my study, and I’ve got my door closed and it’s just me and the Lord and the Scriptures and she’s the same way. And so then we come together later on. It’s that idea of not having a regular daily place to be alone [with God].

And I know it’s hard. You know, we don’t have children. There are people that have children, many of you, and you’re like, I never get a moment’s peace around here. I understand that. I think it was Susanna Wesley that would just make a rule that if mama had her apron over her head, she was praying, and the kids were to be silent. But I do get it. And the Lord knows that too. He knows that sometimes, you know, these things happen, but we do need to make an effort to find a place.

Reasons We Don’t Pray: We Have Forgotten the Joy of Meeting with the Lord

I would say another reason is, we’ve really not known the joy of times of communion with the Lord. You know, it really is an active, prayer is an active thing. We are actively communing with the Lord. The Holy Spirit is interceding with us through us to the Lord, I don’t mean in a Pentecostal sort of way. I’m not talking about tongues or or any of that–which I don’t believe is in the Scriptures.

I’m just talking about the fact that there is something going on there spiritually, that that is vibrant and active. And hopefully, as believers in Christ, we know what that’s like to to be with the Lord in in community. Now, it doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes prayer is work, and we are kind of cajole our minds and our bodies, discipline them to pray. We’re distracted with thoughts and so forth…

But generally, we’ve just gotten away from these times of joy in communion with the Lord. Sometimes we’ve just not seen answers to our prayers in a while and so we’re discouraged and so we just–There’s some time we just say, Oh, why bother? And of course, you know, that’s, that’s our flesh. That’s the enemy. And and of course it’s not right. So the answer to that is, the ironic thing is, it means pray more. Ask the Lord, “Lord, why aren’t my prayers being answered? Lord, why is Why is my heart so cold now?” Don’t run away from the Lord, don’t go away from the Lord go to him.

Reasons We Don’t Pray: We Try to Live in Our Own Strength

And I’d say another reason is we try to do it ourselves, we try to walk as a Christian in our own strength. We don’t realize how utterly dependent how utterly needful we are of the Lord Jesus, of the Holy Spirit, of the Father’s empowering us through the Spirit every day, every moment.

We just go through his life and we can go in our own strength and in our own flesh, and it just becomes a habit. And it’s a terrible habit. And, you know, we’ve probably all done it at some point in our lives as Christians. Nevertheless, our strength comes from the Lord. Our strength comes from being Spirit-filled people. And how do we become Spirit-filled people? Through prayer, through the reading of a study and meditation on the Word, those are the primary things. Of course, there’s our church fellowship, there’s the hearing the word preach, there’s singing, there’s worship, all of these things. But primarily, we’re talking about communing with the Lord and being in His Word.

What’s Been Your Experience?

So those are a few reasons more reasons why we often have trouble praying. So what about you What other What have you noticed is a challenge in your Christian walk as far as prayer? Have you noticed that there were seasons that you maybe didn’t pray? Or didn’t pray like you once did? And what did the Lord show you in those seasons? What were the things that he brought out that you realize okay you know that yeah there was this this thing over here in my life or you know, what, what was the situation? How did how did God resolve that?

Feel free to email me at show at GraceandPeaceRadio.com let me know your thoughts.

I’m not saying that this list is exclusive. There are all kinds of reasons why it is that we don’t, we don’t pray. But the point the underlying point of the whole thing, of course isn’t simply to do the rote thing of pray like some kind of a ritual. It’s this idea of trying to encourage all of us to follow after the Lord, to pray, to get alone with our our God and and grow in our faith in that way by spending time with him and one of the ways we can do that is by looking at the reasons we don’t pray.

If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them feel free to email me and we’ll talk about it. And so again, thank you so much for listening.

And, and thank you so much. I so appreciate it. I’m so glad that you were able to join me today. And I hope this is helpful to you. I hope you are encouraged to get your Bible and be alone with the Lord and just enjoy him.

A Parting Word: Let’s Be Like Joshua

Exodus 33:11 – Thus the LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. When Moses turned again into the camp, his assistant Joshua the son of Nun, a young man, would not depart from the tent.

One of my favorite stories in the Old Testament is when I think it’s in Leviticus or Exodus. I just read it a couple of weeks ago, but it’s when Moses is in the Tent of Meeting. And it says, you know, Moses would come out of the Tent of Meeting, and there’s this really interesting little thing it says, And Joshua remained in the tent, and I just love that I love that about Joshua that he wanted to stay where the Lord was, and so he stayed In in the Tent of Meeting, and I hope you and I take that to heart and you and I will be like Joshua in that regard. Of course, you know, the flip side is no, I’m not saying that Moses left the Tent of Meeting don’t misunderstand that. I’m just saying that when Moses left Joshua remained, and so I just thought that was really cool.

So anyway, thanks so much for listening, and I appreciate it and I will talk to you next time. God bless you.

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Grace and Peace,
Anthony & Amy

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