Ep015 Persistence in Uncertain Times

How can a Christian persist and persevere in these uncertain times? What does it even mean to say Christians persevere and persist? What exactly are we persevering and persisting through? And how are we to persist?

We’ll answer these questions together on today’s Grace and Peace Radio.

Christianity: No Crutch-Religion Here

The world laughs at Christians. How often have you heard that Christians are “weak”? How often have you heard the line that religion is a “crutch” (as if habits like gluttony, drunkenness, and swearing aren’t?!). The misperception is so ironic!

Anthony lays out what it really means to become a follow of Jesus Christ.

Christians: Persisting in Uncertain Times

  • Christian persist and persevere through trials.
  • Christians persist through the daily battles of every day life.
  • Christians persist through spiritual battles and temptations and their three sworn enemies: The world, the flesh, and the devil.
  • Christians persist and carry on even when they give in and lose a battle.
  • Christians persist in persecutions and some even persevere through martyrdom.

How then Do Christians Persist by Faith?

  • Christians persist by looking at Jesus.
  • Christians persist by prayer and the Word.
  • Christians persist through fellowship and mutual encouragement.

Thanks for listening!

Grace and Peace,
Anthony & Amy

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