Jesus is My Why

If you asked me up until a month or two ago, I would’ve told you that life’s journeys start and sometimes life’s journeys stop, and sometimes they surprise us by starting again. What I know now is that I was completely wrong.

The truth that I know now is: It’s all one journey. What looks like a hope dashed is only a hope redirected. A journey that looks like it ended abruptly years ago didn’t–not on the Lord’s timetable anyway. Like a layover at a connecting airport, I now know that sometimes the Lord has us waiting somewhere for sometime until, in His wise timing, the next leg of the samejourneycan begin.

That’s what happened with CFM was a site and a potential ministry idea I first launched in 2014. It went nowhere, mainly because I didn’t understand how to start a ministry, so I abandoned the idea a short while later.

So why startup CFM as a blog again? I wasn’t planning to at all, actually.

I wanted to come up with a blogging platform and needed a niche. Not a marketing niche, but a focus–what would the blog be about? Who would its target audience be? What did I want to write about? The heart of the question is really: What am I passionate about? As people say nowadays, What is my Why?

I like my job as a real estate agent, but I don’t want to write about it all the time. When I was challenged to write the titles for 10 blog posts I would want to write about, the topics I kept coming back to all had to do with men, Christianmen and the questions and situations we find ourselves in. No other topic was of interest to me enough to write one sample title, let alone 10.

But I knew that writing a blog solely for Christian men would be too limited in scope. That’s when I wondered if my old domain was available. Amazingly, it was!

The question isn’t Why do a thing? but rather Why …Everything?Ultimately, that’s the question each of us has to answer if we are to understand why we do what we do, set the goals that we set, and dream the dreams that we dream…

And to my original question: What Whydo I have that is powerful enough to sustain me and inspire me to write when I won’t feel like writing? Answering that is easy because since I was born again on September 15, 2005, my why for everything I do has never changed: Out of love for what Jesus did for me when he saved me.

Right now I’m writing these words for me–for my own outlet to have something to do that I enjoy. If the Lord sees fit to do more with it, praise Him! If not, and this site again ends up in the digital dustbin, well, praise Him!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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