Ep089 Real Life Complementarianism

There’s a lot of talk these days about what complementarianism is and isn’t. What does the Bible mean when it says–when God says–the husband is the head of the home and the wife is to submit to her husband? Is it as bad as the egalitarian’s like to paint it? In this episode, Anthony and Amy talk about how they apply the Scriptures and their God-appointed roles in their own marriage.

As always, thank you for tuning in!

Grace and Peace,
Anthony & Amy

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Book Review: Redeeming the Feminine Soul

Anthony reviews Julie Roys’ Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood.

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Grace and Peace Radio

Why would a guy read a book about “redeeming the feminine soul”? There’s a lot going on in the world and in the church about gender issues and roles And within the church especially, Complementarianism vs. Egalitarianism vs. Patriarchy, LGBTQ, and Intersectionality are all hot-button issues. I figured Roys’ take would be an interesting read.

With that, here’s my review of Julie Roys’ Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood.

Not knowing much about Roys, I had read some of her work on the Internet. She struck me as a formidable Christian journalist, and still does.[*] My wife is an avid reader and I thought she’d enjoy something different, so I bought it for her.

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