John Owen on When God Hides His Face and Waiting

I stumbled upon this excellent sermon from Puritan John Owen recently. It’s a sermon about the reasons God hides His face from His Church or individuals at times, what that means, how it manifests, reasons why, and what to do in the meantime.

The language is, of course, archaic, but don’t let that discourage you from taking up the challenge. Owen’s words are very much worth the 25 minutes or so to it will take to hike to their summit, and the view at the top is worth it. (One tip: I had to look up “froward”; basically it means willful disobedience.)

I do want to include this portion here though, about Waiting. I benefitted from Owen’s concise definition of the word and his advice on how to wait properly on God:

What is “waiting?” Waiting is a permanent continuance in the performance of duties, against all difficulties and discouragements. It is a permanent abiding, a continuance in duty, whereby we seek for the return of God unto us, against all discouragements, difficulties, temptations whatsoever. They will arise from our own hearts on many various occasions; so that if we will wait upon God we must be permanent and abiding, — we must not make an end of what we have to do this day, but we must follow it on; and then the Lord will return unto the house of Jacob, from whom he hath hid his face.

(emphasis added)