Ep011 Hope in Uncertain Times

“Nowhere to Run to, Baby”?

You might be old enough to remember a popular song from the 1960s by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. It was called “Nowhere to Run”, and the chorus was Martha belting out how she had “nowhere to run, baby, nowhere to hide.” And she was singing about nowhere to run nowhere to hide from a man who treated her badly, but she still love them.

In another sense, that chorus seems to echo life. All of us want some sense of normalcy. All of us want to feel that we are in control. And sometimes people do some pretty irrational things to try to get the upper hand again, or at least think they’re getting the upper hand. But what can we do biblically, in times of uncertainty, is there really nowhere to run? Nowhere to hide? We’ll talk about it on today’s Grace and Peace Radio.

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Ep005 When God Brings You to Your “Well, What Now?” Place

Are you feeling lost and at a “Well what now?” point in your life? We all have been at one time or another. In this episode of Grace and Peace Radio we’ll look to the extraordinary circumstances of someone who found himself at a “Well, what now?” point in his life, and was even sitting at an actual well!

He was raised in incredible wealth and privilege, and grew up to work in the highest offices of his country. A well meaning but ill-timed action on his part meant that he had to flee for his life. At 40 years old and sitting by a well in the middle of nowhere. He had no clue what to do with his life, or what would come next. Sound familiar?

I’ve talked to a few guys recently, and the common theme that’s come up is this sort of feeling lost, either kind of stuck in a career or not really sure what to do next.

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