4 Resume Tips for Job Seekers

Today I want to share a few resume tips for job seekers. Why am I qualified to talk about resumes and give resume tips? For one thing, I spent most of 2019 looking for a job. The word I use to describe the ordeal was, um, sanctifying. Being unemployed or under-employed is hard.

Because I was in your shoes this time last year, I understand why this is a hard week for you. The holidays are over. Everyone is back at work. Well, everyone but you. And you’ve probably endured weeks of “radio silence” since before Thanksgiving as companies typically have a hiring slowdown, as employees use up vacation days or companies put a freeze on hiring to wrap up end of year business. Now that everything is cranking up back to normal for employers, you’re hoping the right person is back at their desk, and chomping at the bit to call you. I get it. You have my sincerest sympathy.

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