Grace and Peace Radio: Upgrades and Other “New” News

Lots of new things going on at including a new look, logo, podcast, and more!

Hello Friends,

There’s a lot of “New” going on here at Grace and Peace Radio I’m excited to share with you, both visible and behind-the-scenes.

A New Look

I liked the look of the site before, but the font color was so light and similar to the background, even I had trouble reading it. I decided to strip things down and go for basic WordPress theme for easiest readability, since that is the #1 priority.

A New Logo

I’m not a graphics guy, but I’ve wanted to come up with a new logo for a while now, and this is it. I’m excited about it and I think it really stands out. I designed it myself but thanks to Mark Susko Visual Design for helping with the high-res files I needed.

thy kingdom comma christian living blog and podcast

A New Page

I came up with something I think is kind of cool. It’s called The Storeroom. You can click there or up on the Menu. It’s a page of treasures and bargain-bin resources to check out. Why did I call it “The Storeroom”? You’ll have to click on over and discover that for yourself. I hope you like the new resource!

Faster Site Speed

I moved everything over to a new hosting provider. I’m super happy with the price and service I’ve gotten from SiteGround. I got no discount for plugging them, but I didn’t need it anyway. I locked in a fantastic promo rate for 3 years about $200 total, and that included them transferring the site over. All I had to do was move the domain (.com) registry and point it to the new servers. Easy peasy, mine’s a pint as they say in the UK. Pardon the geek-speak. The bottom line is: The site now loads super fast.

[Updated: A New Podcast!]

A New Podcast

I had no idea when I wrote this post that I’d end up deciding to launch a podcast. My plan is to try it for six months. Have you listened yet? You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or any of your favorite podcast apps. If you listen, would you rate the podcast wherever you listen to it?

thy kingdom comma podcast
Already got some nice feedback on the new podcast!


I’ll admit, I don’t like ads on websites. In my almost 20 years of having websites, I think I’ve only experimented with ads on one of them, and only briefly. There are costs to having a blog and since we’ve all come to expect sites to have ads, I figured I’d put them up here.

By the way, I have no control over what ads display, so if one offends please understand I’m not endorsing any of the products or services they advertise. Also, I’m still learning how to tweak things, so I may eventually be able to suppress certain categories.

What Happened to the Uganda Book?

For months on here I touted that I was writing a book about my three weeks in Uganda in January 2019. Sometimes with a writing project idea you pick it up, work on it, put it down, pick it up…and it clicks or it doesn’t. I haven’t quite figured out an angle for what kind of project I want it to be, so I shelved it for now. I do have a couple other book ideas I’m working on though.

2020 Plans for TKC

The Lord has providentially amp’d up TKC over the last month. I wasn’t planning on all these updates and things, but I’d work on one little thing and see an opportunity to improve it, then another, then another. I like to sound polished and say I have plans for the site in the year ahead, but I don’t…yet.

Although, the one plan that will never change is that I want the site to glorify the Lord. How that will happen exactly in 2020 is up to Him. Thank you for being a part of TKC in 2019. I hope you’ll let me spend 2020 with you and together we’ll see what the Lord does in your life and mine.

For His glory,